Students of Kennesaw Mountain High School repurpose. September 24, 2016 13:07

So happy these high schoolers are repurposing fabrics we donated! 

Mrs. Teanna Grisham is the wonderful textile teacher at KMHS. Teanna was thrilled when I reached out to her about donating, stating "Many of my students can't afford material for school projects. Your donation will make projects possible!"

I can't wait to see the final outcome of the donated fabrics! Create on...

I heart Re:Loom! September 20, 2016 00:00

I absolutely love donating fabrics to this wonderful organization!

Once a quarter, I drive to the warehouse where I'm greeted with warm smiles and helpful folks coming out to carry large boxes of unwanted fabrics. Doesn't matter if its raining or beautiful blue skies, these folks and their smiles fill my heart with joy and hope.  

If you haven't heard of Re:Loom, you need to!


Chatting with some of the staff on their break. :)


Easy peasy table napkin folds! June 09, 2016 12:31

Yes, table napkins add a finishing touch to your table, but why not kick it up a notch! Try some of these easy-peasy folds - your guests will be blown away.

Even the smallest fabric scraps find a home! May 30, 2016 16:18

All types and sizes of textile scraps need rescuing. You wouldn't believe all the stuff people toss aside. We rescue everything we can, and sometimes we just can't use it all. If I can't repurpose the rescued remnants for Terminus Threads, I find fantastic organizations that can!

If you haven't heard of Re:loom, you should! Go ahead click the link, I'll wait. 

The Initiative for Affordable Housing (IAH), is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in Decatur in 1990 by helping one home and one homeless family. IAH’s mission is to provide permanent, affordable housing to homeless and low-income families in metro Atlanta, with sales of repurposed woven products. These products are lovely!

Re:loom is a wonderful home for some of my rescues, and I'm just thrilled to be apart of this life-changing organization.

Check out Re:looms OPEN HOUSE - Saturday, June 4th 10am-2pm or visit their online store. 


Here we go donating again! April 24, 2016 19:30







Earnings from Q1 were donated April 14th to YWCA of Northwest Georgia Battered Women's Shelter of Cobb County.

Thank you Terminus Threaders who purchased items January through March. This donation was possible because of YOU! 

Theatre In The Square adopted upholstery rescues. March 07, 2016 12:50

Marietta's own Theatre In The Square, happily adopted several upholstery rescues for upcoming set displays and costuming. Current owner, Raul Thomas has a fantastic line up planned and we locals are thrilled!

The New Theatre in the Square offers theater education opportunities for youth and adults, including workshops. Thomas says, “We’ll be using the facility as a performing arts center with theater as the anchor.” 

I've lived in Cobb County for 25 years and this theater is definitely a favorite as its up close, intimate and personal. Once you experience a performance here, you'll delightfully return again and again. If you haven't had a chance to check out the new Theatre On The Square, you should!

I'm looking forward to donating again soon!



Newest pocket squares are trending 2016 wedding color combos! February 23, 2016 12:20

Brides... we've got your groom and his buds covered! Our latest pocket squares are trending the 2016 hot wedding color combos!

Our squares are a nice reminder of your special day, a great groom/groomsmen gift they'll actually use again, and won't break your budget either! Groomsmen gifts can get pretty pricey, and these gifts are usually cuff links and flasks. How often are these really used again? How many times has the best man received these gifts? My husband has a few pairs of cuff links clanking around in his top drawer.

So why not invest in a gift they'll use again and reminds them of their special part in your "happy ever after"? Oh, did I mention we can monogram too?! Yep, no problem. Send me an email: we'll chat about your colors and ideas, then you'll be able to cross this off your "To Do" list. 



Terminus Threads customers made a difference in 2015 February 02, 2016 13:46

Many thanks to all who purchased T.T. items through Oct-Dec 2015!

December 2015, Terminus Threads was able make a large donation to the Atlanta Mission’s homeless shelters, and distribute warm clothing to folks living on the streets of Atlanta.


Donation forecast for 2016... local battered women's shelter, children's home, addiction recovery center, and Meals on Wheels. Every sale makes this a reality!

My greatest joy is knowing that this business is impacting the lives of many for the better. Resurrecting fabric remnants is rewarding, but helping people rebuild their lives is where true fulfillment is found. Let's continue to make a difference!

Rescue. Restore. Repurpose. Repeat.  

One remnant at a time. One person at a time.